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Capturing what I find beautiful and intriguing

Living in Oak Lawn area of Uptown Dallas, TX I'm surrounded by beautiful sites and people. Experiencing such a diverse urban life, I've enjoyed capturing it's beauty through my camera lens. From our historic landmarks to artists and models, they all remain beautiful to me.  I'm the kind of photographer that creates images that make me happy.  Working on projects that are personally meaningful to me.  And having captured them in photos remains a grateful privilege.

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Phone - 469-274-6389

Most grateful for the kind reviews. 

"Randy has an incredible eye and a talent for getting hard-to-get photos. He got an amazing number of excellent shots in a very short session with my wife Amy and her three very active dogs. Amazingly, every single shot was well framed, timed, and with a great viewpoint. He has a skill at getting people (and pets!) comfortable, and then getting Amy's personality in the shot while at the same time snapping highly active puppies at just the right millisecond. Then he processed them into photos that were pure artistry. We ended up with so many fantastic shots that our task was to choose among many great photos for just the look and feel we wanted. For his eye, his rapport, his ability to capture the personality of both people and pets, the quality of his photographs, and his friendly, comfortable professionalism, my wife and I strongly recommend Randy. --Barry & Amy (and Zoey, Zazu, and Gypsy the Wonder Dog)"

"The pictures are amazing!! The best sense of "being there" I've seen. More than just photography, his work is true art. Congratulations to all who use him. He's a great person...honest and reliable." - Greg

"Randy came over to my apartment to take some photographs of me engaged in my artistic process. He was on time and the session took approximately 2 hours. Working with Randy was a fantastic experience. He was easy to work with and did a very good job of making me feel comfortable during the shoot. He had a great sense of collaboration and improvisation while at the same time knew exactly what he wanted in his shots and how to direct me to get those shots. The work that has resulted from the photo shoot is of the highest quality and I am proud to have been the subject that was shot and part of such a smooth and fruitful process. I would definitely recommend Randy's work to others." - Ross V

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